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Our History

“Leonardo, not again...I just cleaned the bathroom and there is hair all over the sink!”, my girlfriend yells storming out of the bathroom on a Sunday morning.

That morning I had decided to shave even though I had missed cleaning Saturday. I had waited just too long and I was beginning to look more like a homeless person. Eternal debates we men have, to trim or not to trim our beards. Wait just a few more days longer because I don’t want to clean up afterwards, and just wait till cleaning day. Or just look good and live with a hairy mess staring at you everytime you visit the bathroom.

We have all tried a myriad of techniques in order to minimize the hair attack that follows trimming. From laying down toilet paper, to magazine pages, to newspapers, to towels, old T-shirts, to plastic bags, to trimming over the toilet or in the shower. These all have downsides and varying levels of failure that out weight success and never really solve the problem to a satisfactory degree.

So, back to that Sunday morning, something clicked and I began to think that I couldn’t be the only one suffering from this problem and I began pondering on how to solve it. Being entrepreneur minded, I love an opportunity to create a product, and when I saw the simplicity of the solution I knew I had something powerful.

A few weeks later, with brainstorming and experimentation, I successfully reached a point where I had a minimal viable product at hand. It had to be portable, easy to handle, disposable, and it would have to eliminate the majority if not all hair from grooming while maintaining a level of freedom we men need when trimming.

After sharing the idea with a friend over dinner, the name popped out: SinkSheets.

I sort of have a philosophy of moving forward with ideas quickly, that your first guess is typically as good or better than your twentieth, so the name was adopted as-is.

A few weeks later, I had the first working versions of the SinkSheets. My girlfriend who had previously thought I was wasting my time with something that looked like a kindergarden arts project, became super excited about it once she realized that the sink was no longer messy for weeks and that I could upkeep my beard and sink at the same time.

Today, the first incarnations of SinkSheets are available for everyone’s enjoyment. They are still hand-made in an All-American garage style. There will be many modifications to come to its look and perhaps feel. It will be industrialized and better packaged. However the end result will still be the same, no more hairy sinks.

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