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How to use it?

We will be coming up with a videos section very soon, for those of us who prefer to watch rather than read.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Unfold a SinkSheet
    You should see indicators of which way is up.
  2. Place SinkSheet onto sink area
    The soft part towards the center is a dome and it should cover the faucet parts. Lift out the dome if neede by pulling on label. Adhesive is available on the back side so you can attach against the back wall needed.
  3. Groom with surprising freedom
    While you should still use caution so that hair doesn't fly everywhere, you will be surprised to see how much range of motion you are allowed to have so that hair falls within the sheet's surface area.
  4. Carefully fold SinkSheet
    Remember, you're dealing with hair. Snapping the paper may cause it to fly off. The best way to fold is to bring the outer parts together towards the center. Crumble SinkSheet.
  5. Dispose SinkSheet and Enjoy
    Enoy your free time, your groomed looks, and your clean place!