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Which one to Buy?

Below is some criteria that influence your SinkSheet types:

When looking at the products list, each SinkSheet type will describe its recommended and typical usage.

Sinks with vanity counter tops

Sink size is not important for vanity style sinks unless your sink is larger than 34 x 24 inches which is very unlikely.

The base of the SinkSheets stays as a flat surface on top of the sink. It is not meant to be caved in. The soft center piece is a DOME to cover over the faucet pieces and it is NOT a bowl.

Counter tops of at least 30 inches in width work well with soft SinkSheets while narrower widths may require the hard SinkSheet since the sides may flop down.

Personal preference and trial and error will dictate which one you get for widths between the range of 26-30 inches since you may choose to fold the sides of the sheets. However, the safe bet is the hard version.

Standalone Sinks (or very narrow counter tops)

Standalone sinks require hard SinkSheets because they will provide a temporary vanity space that will catch falling hair as your groom.

Vanity areas will work with either hard or soft SinkSheets depending on your preference and how much stuff your vanity has on its surface.

Amount of products and accessories on counter top

Soft SinkSheets are more maleable so they will be more forgiving if placed on top of reasonably tall items such as tooth paste tubes, soap dispensers, hair brushes, and others.

Hard sheets will provide a more awkward experience if your counter top is clutered but will work just the same if the counter top mostly empty.

Faucet Size

Your faucet parts are covered by the SinkSheet's dome. The dome is designed to cover the typical handles or dials and the faucet which can be placed at in variety of configurations.

Small faucets are 12 inches wide (including handles), 10 inches deep and up to 8 inches in height.

Larger faucets are 16 inches wide (including handles), 12 inches deep and up to 12 inches in height.

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