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What is SinkSheets?

SinkSheets is a convenient and easy to use product designed to keep sinks or lavatory areas clean from hair or other debris that fall during any grooming or cleaning activity.

How annoying is it to clean pieces of hair, and more specifically, beard that fall onto the sink area?

Even worst, to live with a sink that is never really clean with hair staring at you because they are just too hard to get cleaned up?

Maybe you do have a clean looking area for the most part but only because you live with a longer and scruffy looking beard for way longer than you should. You just wait until cleaning day because you don't want to mess up the sink area.

Grooming day no longer needs to be cleaning day

Hair eventually clogs the drain if enough quantities go down. Face it, you have tried newspaper, toilet paper, magazine sheets, paper towels, and other things. They don't work for various reasons. Plus, newspaper is dirty and you don't want that when grooming.

You could use some sort of cloth. Good luck moving the hair from it to the garbage without getting it somewhere else. Plus, you probably don't want a bunch of hair in your washer either.

SinkSheets helps you keep your place clean while performing activities such as grooming.

People have tried a million different methods, but SinkSheets is the only one that gets the vast majority or even 100% of hair; It is easy to dispose, affordable and convenient!

Give it a try! We think you'll love it!